This page lists the leading scores for members who have submitted applications for the Fortieth Anniversary Award.  Because each member may submit only a single application for this award, these point totals are the final score for each member shown.  While all contacts toward the Fortieth Anniversary Award must be made between 2017-02-07 and 2018-02-06 to coincide with the Club's fortieth anniversary year, there is no deadline for submittal of applications for this award.  As a result, this listing will be updated indefinitely.

Top 10 as of 2018-08-17

Cert # Call Name Level Date Earned
10 N2XTT Peter B. Summers 4670 2018-03-03
N0PUI Jay L Wieland 1494 2018-08-09
7 VE3RR Larry A. Vanwart 1174 2017-12-14
12 K6YEK William G. Fuller 664 2018-04-17
6 KG5GOG Monte M. Meier 580 2017-08-27
AG5T Marty Blaise 536 2018-08-09
5 N5OHL Jimmy D. Richardson 393 2017-08-03
3 AA0HF Eric J. Johnson 346 2017-06-08
11 WB7PTC James R. Hurst, Sr. 310 2018-03-30
9 KC2IYE Robert L. Braddock 290 2018-01-19

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