Balloting will begin at 0001 23-Aug 2017 and will close at 2359 29-Aug-2017.

Due to the passing of the 6th Area Director, George Huett, W6LJK, our President, Dwight Greenberg, WF4H, has called for a Special Election to elect a new 6th Area Director to fill out the remainder of the current term ending 28-Feb-2018.

Please take careful note of the following schedule for nominations, balloting and any potential runoff.  All days are local and all times are Central Time.

Nominations will open at 0001 13-Aug-2017 and will run for 7 days, closing at 23:59 19-Aug-2017.

Potential candidates must nominate themselves by announcing their candidacy on any Club net and then by following up via a single email addressed to our Club President and Board Chairman, email addresses following, informing that you have announced your candidacy.  It would be helpful, tho not required, if you also copy the Election Monitor on this email.  Potential candidates must me Club Members; i.e., must hold a 100-Point certificate on any of the club nets, and must reside in the 6th Call Area.  The Election Ballot will be published on the club website promptly upon close of nominations.-->

As has been the custom for past elections, each candidate for office is encouraged to submit an optional personal statement for inclusion on the Election Ballot.  The Webmaster will format that statement for a neat appearance on the ballot, but it will NOT be proofread or edited for content.  There is a very strong preference that this statement be fairly brief and that it focus on why you want the office you are seeking and what you think you can contribute to the Club while holding that office.  Personal statements should be emailed to the Webmaster, Jim Higgins, KB3PU, email address KB3PU (at) sc.rr.com.  Plain text in the body of an email is preferred, but MS Word is acceptable.  DO NOT send personal statements in any other format.  Candidates will be placed on the ballot based on the length of their personal statements – shortest first, longest (or none) last.

Balloting will begin at 0001 23-Aug-2017 and will close at 2359 29-Aug-2017.

If no candidate receives a clear majority of the votes cast, there will be a runoff between the two candidates receiving the most votes.  If required, that runoff will begin 3 days after close of previous balloting, at 0001 02-Sep-2017, and will run for 7 days, ending at 2359 08-Sep-2017.

Barring some unlikely circumstance, results of any balloting should be announced by the following morning.

To be eligible to vote you must be a Club Member; i.e., must hold a 100-Point Certificate on any of the club nets.  You may cast your vote on-line via the Club Website or via postal mail or email to the Election Monitor.  There will be no on-air voting.  Any postal or email ballot must ARRIVE no later than 29-Aug-2017 for the first balloting period, and any runoff ballots must be received no later than 08-Sep-2017.  Your postal or email ballot must include your call sign, your full name, your state of residence, your 100-Point Certificate number and the band and mode on which it is held, along with a clear indication of the candidate for whom you are voting.  Including an email address or phone number will permit contacting you in case of a problem, and those including an email address will be sent a confirmation of their vote.  No attempt will be made to contact voters who provide no contact information (email or phone).  Only one ballot may be cast per club member; club calls and special event calls are not eligible to vote.  You may not change your vote once it has been cast, so consider your choice(s) carefully before voting.  Only those casting a ballot that for some reason selects no candidate for any office will be afforded an opportunity to cast another ballot.

Postal and email ballots should be sent to the Election Monitor:

Jim Higgins, KB3PU
210 Mallard Dr
Sumter, SC  29150-3181
Email: kb3pu (at) sc.rr.com

Please direct any questions you may have to the Election Monitor via email.

This is your club, and this election is your opportunity to choose your 6th Area Director thru the current term ending 28-Feb-2018.  So, please take the time to acquaint yourselves with the candidate(s), and then cast your vote for the candidate of your choice.

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