1st Area Director


All dates/times below are Central Standard Time.

Nominations for 1st Area Director will run from Monday Apr 23 thru Sunday Apr 29.

Voting for 1st AD will run from May 3 thru May 9 inclusive.

Only members residing in the 1st Area may vote in this election.

ALL VOTING WILL BE VIA A SINGLE EMAIL FROM EACH VOTER ADDRESSED TO the Election Monitors, Rick Mobley, WB5FDP and Dean Davis, N7XG.  Any email ballot that fails to show both email addresses to both recipients will be declared invalid and the voter will be emailed back and asked to correct it.  All voters will receive a reply to their email from both Election Monitors as a confirmation it was received and their vote was recorded.

If a runoff is required, voting in the runoff will begin on May 12th and run thru May 18th inclusive.

To be eligible to vote, you must be an individual Club Member (must hold a 100-Point Certificate from any of our nets) residing in the 1st Call Area.  Clubs, special event calls and anyone whose club membership has been revoked are not eligible to vote.  You will need to know your 100-Point Certificate number and the band/mode on which it is held when voting.

E-mail ballots MUST contain the following information...

Email your ballots in the form of a single email to both of the following:

Barring some unlikely circumstance, results of the election for all offices will be announced no later than May 10th, 2018 local day.

All who vote via email will be sent a confirmation of their vote via return email.  Because this confirming email will be manually prepared, it won't be sent immediately after your ballot is cast... and some may be received only after the polls close.

Any questions should be sent to the Election Monitor.

Rick Mobley, WB5FDP

Winning candidates must receive more than 50% of the votes cast for the office for which they are running.  If no candidate for a given office receives over 50% of the votes cast for that office, a runoff election will be held between the two candidates receiving the most votes for the office.  If such a runoff is required, it will be held via email ballot beginning May 13th, 2018 and will run thru May 19th, 2018.

Below are optional personal statements submitted by each of the candidates.

This is your club, and this election is your opportunity to choose the elected officers who manage its daily operations, so please take the time to acquaint yourselves with the candidates, and then cast your vote for the candidate(s) of your choice.

A short blurb about Gary Sheridan, N1RNJ

Gary Sheridan, N1RNJ

In the 1990's I joined a ham radio after-school program in middle school. That's all it took, I was hooked after my first contact and ended up earning my ticket in 1992. Although ham radio has always been a hobby of mine, I never really became active until 2005.

I am a career Firefighter EMT holding the rank of Captain for a small city of 13,000. I work a rotating 24-hour shift and have 72 hours off. I'm in my 18th year working my childhood dream job!

My family has a small hobby farm that keeps us busy on our days off. Our farm consists of poultry, beef, horses, goats, bees, and multiple vegetable and perennial gardens. We strive to be self-sufficient and take pride in raising and growing our own food.

Some of my other hobbies are hunting, fishing, hiking, horseback riding and camping. Outdoor life in Vermont is great!

I started with the Century Club in 2009; my first contact being Shep, KC2PUF, now KA2M. Everyone in the club instantly made me feel welcome. I quickly learned that being a Vermont ham was a rare commodity, and therefore our contact was in high demand! I remember many nights when I went to bed with writer's cramp after completing a stack of cards. Knowing how rare a Vermont ham is, I've had the pleasure of running various clubs over the years to help members from all over the country earn numerous awards.

Around 2012, Bob, KC1AU, asked me to be the Century Club's alternate director. I thought what an honor, and immediately said yes! Since then, I've sat on various board meetings representing the First Area.

I bring an open mind to the Century Club and will continue listening and being a representative for all members of the First Area. I respectfully request your vote for the position of First Area Director.

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