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Eyeball 2016, hosted by Charles Rader (AC0HF), was held in Branson, MO at the Stone Castle Hotel the weekend of August 10-14.  The Eyeball Fee was $65.00 and Raffle Tickets were $4.00 each.

The City of Branson (population 10,520; with millions of visitors annually and growing) is located in SW Missouri, 35 miles south of Springfield within the heart of the Ozark Hills.  Most of the city is in Taney County, but a small western portion of the city extends into Stone County.  Branson serves as the job, service, and shopping center for a two-county area with 80,000 year-round residents.  Branson is surrounded by three prize winning fishing lakes – Lake Taneycomo, Table Rock Lake, and Bull Shoals Lake.

Visit Charles' website for more details.

The city has an incorporated boundary of over 21 square miles.  It has become the focus of international attention as both a major development area and an entertainment and tourism destination.  The reasons are numerous and range from the scenic natural beauty to the variety of live entertainment options and family oriented entertainment offerings.

The Branson Airport, located less than 10 miles south of the city, has a 7,140-foot runway to accommodate all types of commercial aircraft, making Branson even more accessible.  Direct commercial air service is available to many destinations through Frontier Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

The Springfield / Branson National Airport (SGF) is located 42 miles to the north and serves all of southwest Missouri with daily flights connecting to eight international airports via six airlines.  The M. Graham Clark Downtown Airport, a general aviation airport with a 3,739-foot runway, is located one mile south of Branson.

Lodging & Restaurants - More than 20,000 rooms are available in Branson motels, hotels, resorts, bed and breakfast inns, and condominiums.  Visitors have an endless variety of restaurants and food establishments from which to choose.  There are over 125 restaurants with over 30,000 seats.

The Eyeball will be hosted at the Stone Castle Hotel and Convention Center.  They gave very reasonable pricing and have a spot back behind the hotel that we can use for the Mobile Shootout.  (See map on Charles' website.)

Regular rooms at the Stone Castle hotel will be $69.00 and the Jacuzzi Themed Rooms will be $99.00.  These rates will extend from August 7th to August 17th, 2016 (depending on availability so book early).  Complementary Hot breakfast bar is available every day.

There are many things to do as a family in Branson.  Within walking distance of the Stone Castle Hotel, or a very short drive, are several mini-golf courses, wineries, shopping centers, and an IMAX.  See the links on Charles' website) to some very informative websites listing many more attractions and activities available to visitors to Branson.

For more information, visit Charles' website.


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# Call Sign Name Home Staying At Comments
KB0QGT Mike Saft KS, Smith Center Stone Castle  
N5MNO David Johnson MN, Saint Paul Stone Castle  
  Nancy Johnson MN, Saint Paul Stone Castle XYL of N5MNO
AC0HF Charles Rader MO, West Plains Stone Castle 2016 Eyeball Host
10th Area Awards Manager
W5DMT Dave Tipton TN, Spring Hill Stone Castle Basic NCS
Journeyman NCS
4th Area Assistant Director
Club Promotions Coordinator
WB0PYF Ray Myers MO, St. Loius Stone Castle 10th Area Director
Century Club Cares Chairman
  Debbie Myers MO, St. Louis Stone Castle XYL of WB0PYF
W9ROG Roger Callewaert Jr WI, Racine Stone Castle 9th Area Director
Eyeball Net Coordinator
160m SSB EN Coordinator
Cum Laude NCS
  Sung Jung Callewaert WI, Racine Stone Castle XYL of W9ROG
AC0RL Jerome Kahn KS, Hutchinson Stone Castle Net Control Operator
  Darcy Raker KS, Hutchinson Stone Castle YL with AC0RL
N8YPA Jonathan Burge WV, Bridgeport Off Site 40m 100pt, 75m 100pt
AE4NT Ben Goldfarb FL, Longwood Branson's Best Motel Awards Secretary
Awards Committee Chairman
KB0EL Clark Ashworth KS, Desoto Stone Castle  
  Amber Ashworth KS, Desoto Stone Castle XYL of KB0EL
N7XG Dean Davis OR, Salem Stone Castle 7th Area Awards Manager
K9GWS Gary Slagle IL, Algonquin    
KZ3AB Allen Brown MD, Laurel Cabins at Green Mountain  
  Deborah Brown MD, Laurel Cabins at Green Mountain XYL of KZ3AB
  Shirley Fuqua MD, Laurel Cabins at Green Mountain Friend of KZ3AB
  Jack Showalter MD, Laurel Cabins at Green Mountain Father of KZ3AB
WA0ROH Bob Kyvig MN, Centerville Stone Castle NCS
Master #68
KC0UPC Jill Kyvig MN, Centerville Stone Castle XYL of WA0ROH
AA0ZP Frank Taylor NE, Bellevue Stone Castle Club Historian
Past President
Master #12
Presidential Advisory Committee
  Marjo Taylor NE, Bellevue Stone Castle XYL of AA0ZP
WF4H Dwight Greenberg FL, Cocoa Ozark Country Campground Club President
40m SSB EN Coordinator
  Beth Greenberg FL, Cocoa Ozark Country Campground XYL of WF4H
NE0A Douglas Roberts MO, Kansas City Stone Castle  
N3WD Bill Dobson MD, Reisterstown Stone Castle Master Degree #43
3rd Area Director
KG8UU James Pierce OH, Grove City Stone Castle  
K6YEK Bill Fuller CA, Castro Valley Stone Castle 6th Area Assistant Director
  Theresa Fuller CA, Castro Valley Stone Castle XYL of K6YEK
KS9WI Keith Summers WI, De Pere Stone Castle 2014 Eyeball Host
N9QZF Elaine Summers WI, De Pere Stone Castle XYL of KS9WI
KG8WL Ralph Mitchell MI, Colon   OM of KB8AEV
KB8AEV Jo Anne Mitchell MI, Colon   XYL of KG8WL
N5MIG Joe St Columbia Jr AR, Helena   5th Area Assistant Director
40m SSB LN Coordinator
NCS Training Officer
WA2JIM Clay Statmore NJ, Ledgewood Stone Castle 2nd Area Awards Manager
2002 Eyeball Host
AG5T Martin Blaise TX, Houston Stone Castle 5th Area Director
K0HNM Larry Snyder IL, Poplar Grove Stone Castle Master #21
  Lona Snyder IL, Poplar Grove Stone Castle XYL of K0HNM
KG4ZOD Donnie Hurst NC, Burlington Stone Castle Master #62
75m SSB LN Coordinator
  Ginger Hurst NC, Burlington Stone Castle XYL of KG4ZOD
WN1F David Feeney ME, Scarborough Stone Castle Club Secretary
20m & 40m CW Net Coordinator
20m RTTY & PSK Net Coordinator
  Ginn Bellino ME, Scarborough Stone Castle XYL WN1F
  Candy Laconeta ME, Scarborough Stone Castle Sister-in-Law of WN1F
KM4AJW Bill Brooks NC, Hickory    
AA0AE Dave Stewart MO, Olean Off Site  
AB4TT Steve Knittel GA, Roswell Stone Castle  
  Ann Knittel GA, Roswell Stone Castle XYL of AB4TT
N5OHL Jim Richardson OK, Oklahoma City Stone Castle 5th Area Awards Manager
Presidential Advisory Committee
  Linda Richardson OK, Oklahoma City Stone Castle XYL of N5OHL
WB5FDP Ricky Mobley AR, Little Rock Stone Castle DX Buro Manager
Past President
Presidential Advisory Committee
  Deborah Mobley AR, Little Rock Stone Castle XYL of WB5FDP


 FOR NETS RUN 2015/06/01 to 2016/06/01 
 76+ NETS   51-75 NETS   25-50 NETS 
WN1F - 165 Nets KU1V VE3CMB AD5XD
K4CNM (SK) - 110 Nets K9EA K5SRG AA0HF
W5DMT - 79 Nets   K1EDG AE4NT


Stateside QSL Bureau KB8UEY
Handiham QSL Bureau KC2IYE
KD3FM Annual Service Award WN1F
AA0HF (Entire IT Work Group)
W1BML Ambassador Award KG8WL
K7MFG NCS of the Year W9ROG
Leisure Mobile of the Year K1YAG
IT Work Group AA0HF
Centurion Editor KT4CB
The Century Club Cares Program WB0PYF
NCS Training Officer N5MIG

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